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How we work

Initial Meeting


The Adviser will introduce themselves and Premier Plus Ltd to you and provide you with a business card with their contact details.

The Adviser will discuss the Terms of Business Letter and relevant disclosure documents with you.

It is at this meeting that you will generally be presented with this agreement detailing our services and our method of operation.

Fact Find

The main purpose of this meeting will be to obtain as much information as possible relating to your financial circumstances and objectives. It is therefore beneficial if you can have available any details of policies, schemes, investments, mortgages, income and expenditure, wills, interests in trusts that you have.

This information will normally be collated by the Adviser on our personal financial questionnaire. This includes your basic personal details and an indication of your Personal Financial Objectives.

A key area that the Adviser will wish to fully understand is your 'Attitude to Risk' as this will have significant impact on the advice to be given. The importance that risk will have on your objectives will be discussed and recorded.

Client Identification

As we are required by legislation to know who we are dealing with, please have available evidence of your identity and address. This would normally include either your passport or driving licence and a utility bill in your name. If these documents are not available please speak to the Adviser who will confirm what alternatives would be acceptable.

Questions and Next Steps

Please note should you have any questions during the process please do ask as our Adviser is happy to discuss any queries you may have.

The Adviser will then explain the next steps in the advice process to you.

If any fees are due at outset these will be explained, together with any authority forms that may need to be signed so that we can act on your behalf, for example to obtain the current valuations of existing investments.


Where necessary, we will forward your authorisation to the relevant Product Providers. The additional details issued by the Provider will be analysed together with the information gathered at the initial meeting. We may need to revert back to you for further information and ask your permission to liaise with your other Professional Advisers (accountant, solicitor, investment managers etc).

Using internal and external technical research we will prepare a recommendation to suit your individual objectives. This will also be assessed against your attitude to risk, your time horizon, associated costs, your budget and your personal tax position.


When we have prepared our recommendation we will arrange to meet again and discuss them with you.

The recommendation will contain supporting information including where applicable, illustrations and product brochures. You can consider our recommendation at your leisure. Should you have any questions on any of the elements of the recommendation please do ask.

Contact Details

Premier Plus Limited

Fenice Court, Phoenix Park,
Eaton Socon, St Neots PE19 8EW, UK

Tel. 01480 477774 eMail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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